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  • An agronomic picture of soybean insects and diseases.

    Be Ready for Early-Season Soybean Insects and Diseases

    With soybean planting kicking off, it’s important for growers to protect their plants from the start of the critical early-growth stages. Two of the biggest early-season threats to soybeans are insects and disease. Early-season insects: Bean leaf beetle: This pest tends to emerge early, often at the beginning of May. According to Kansas State University, the bean leaf beetle is one of the most economically harmful soybean insects in the nation. Most of the damage…

An agronomic image showing a lesion nematode.
A image showing weeds on an agronomy blog.
An agronomic image showing common ragweed a competitive weed.
An agronomic photo showing soybean plants.
An agronomic photo showing marestail in a field.
Agronomic image showing a stink bug on a soybean leaf.