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Harvest again rewards NK Corn commitment

Traer, Iowa: Grower Dave Danker and his son, Hunter, of Danker Farms and Livestock are loyal to NK® Corn. They’ve been planting it for 25 years and won’t be stopping any time soon.

“This is probably one of our better yields over the past 10 years,” said Hunter. “It is some of the best corn we’ve grown. It’s been a good year for our NK hybrids with consistent yields and good standability throughout our fields.”

When the Harvest Chasers caught up with the father-son duo, they commended NK Corn hybrid N60F-3111 brand. The hybrid performed well on their corn-on-corn acres, yielding an average of 230 bushels per acre (bu/A). In addition to high yields, the hybrid contains the Agrisure Viptera® 3111 trait stack, which gives the Dankers more high-quality grain and increased yield potential by consistently controlling above- and below-ground pests.

They mentioned that NK Corn hybrids N70J and N68B brands had great standability and both hybrids also produced average yields of approximately 240 bu/A. Quilt Xcel® fungicide was also used on all of their corn acres. According to them, the fungicide does its job combating local northern corn leaf blight pressure. Hunter happily said, “Luckily the crop had the protection to fight against [the disease].”

KMGM Harvest Chasers - Traer, Iowa

At Danker Farms and Livestock, the Harvest Chasers spoke with growers Hunter (left) and Dave Danker about the results of their NK Corn harvest.

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