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Protect cranberries from disease

Cranberry harvest

NORTHEAST: Fall is a great time of year to evaluate disease levels in cranberries. As harvest is brought in, cranberries get pumped from the bog through the de-trasher onto the truck and then to market. Observations made and records kept during this process will provide valuable information to adjust disease management programs for next season.

Fruit rot is the most prevalent disease cranberry growers face. The history of the cranberry bed is an important consideration in disease management. If the bed is prone to fruit rot, it is important to plan strategies accordingly. At harvest time if fruit rot levels are greater than 3 percent, growers should consider additional measures for controlling disease next year.

The use of fungicides like Bravo Weather Stik® and Abound® can help improve crop health and protect yield. A good strategy for next spring begins with an accurate assessment in the fall.

Be sure to protect cranberries from crippling diseases so we can continue to enjoy them as part of our traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

Reporting from Carver, MA

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